London International Animation Festival 2022

Программа фестиваля анимации «LIAF-2022»
The best animated films from the program of the London Independent Animation Festival (LIAF). This year's selection includes nine shorts made by animators from Europe and Asia.

Traditionally, LIAF presents a variety of animation techniques: stop motion, 2D, 3D.
74 min., 16+
Language: German, Czech, Polish, French, English, Japanese

A Film About a Pudding

2021, UK, 10 min.
Ronin’s dropped groceries start to mix and bubble, transforming into a small pudding. Over the next few days, the pudding grows bigger and bigger.
Roel Van Beek
Awards & Festivals
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival – participation 
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – participation 
  • Annie Awards, Nominee – Best Student Film


2021, Germany, 8 min.
Jeijay begins where most romantic movies end. The film is about two people who try to repress the slow but inevitable decay of their relationship. 

Feeling isolated in their own little home, more and more of the happy facade of their love life comes.
Petra Stipetić, Maren Wiese

We Hope You Won't Need to Come Back

2021, Poland, 10 min.
A young girl immigrated. Having to function in a new environment is slowly transforming into a routine, and herself, into a modern Frankenstein’s creation. The new approach and behaviour no longer match the old habits and patrimonial stereotypes. The decision to reunite with family and return the feeling of comfort became a turning point and reveals the process which modern immigrants experience.
Anastazja Naumenko

The Sam Story

2020, UK, 10 min.
Starting with the true story of American twins Jim Lewis, Jim Springer, and their freakishly identical lives after being separated at birth, Richard Noble’s RCA grad film looks beyond the spooky coincidences into the concept of free will.
Richard Noble

Anxious Body

2021, Japan, 6 min.
When living things, artificial things, geometry shapes, and lines encounter, a new direction is born.
Yoriko Mizushiri
Awards & Festivals
  • London International Animation Festival (LIAF) – Best Sound
  • Cannes Film Festival – participation (Nominee: Illy Prize)
  • AFI Fest – participation 
  • Blue Danube Film Festival – Animation (Best Film)
  • Bucheon International Animation Film Festival – Special Distinction Prize (International Competition - Short Film)
  • SXSW Film Festival – participation
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – participation 


2021, Germany, 7 min.
A short animation about the first contact of microorganisms and microplastic.
Karolin Twiddy


2021, France, 6 min.
A man comes home and wants to go to bed. A bunch of noisy roommates. A crowded city in southern China.
Yuanqing Cai, Nathan Crabot, Houzhi Huang, Mikolaj Janiw, Mandimby Lebon & Théo Tran Ngoc


2020, Poland, 6 min.
Co-Ognition. A suit, hat and a briefcase – the protagonist of the animation looks like a representative of the yuppie generation or a corporation employee. This time, however, he has no documents in his briefcase, but other versions of himself and, instead of a business trip, he goes on a crazy run within his own consciousness. Is the man running away from himself or is he trying to chase himself? What will happen when the protagonist’s egos finally meet? The film presents an abstract vision of shaping one’s own personality in the style of a newspaper comic strip. The visual play with a black line and images makes it possible for consecutive frames to merge freely, while geometric figures, irregularly shaped spots and characteristic items are used to build the character’s identity.
Przemysław Świda


2021, Czech Republic, 11 min.
Sisters. The Big Sister - a person of colossal size - is trapped in sand in a deserted landscape. With no way to take care of herself, this burden falls on her resentful little sister.
Andrea Szelesová
Awards & Festivals
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival – participation 
  • Stockholm Film Festival – participation 

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